May 2, 2019

Upload a Resource to a FHIR Server

Upload a Resource to a FHIR Server

In earlier posts I presented FHIR resources by uploading them to FHIR servers. This post will explain how the process of uploading a FHIR resource works with postman. In this context the correct terminology is post a resource rather than uploading since we are dealing with a RESTful API.

In this specific example I will show how to post a ValueSet I created to capture the location of a ulcer according to the “National Konsensus zur Dokumentation des Ulcus Cruris” which is a German specification of how to document and communicate the presence of foot ulcer (Ulcus Cruris). I used SNOMED CT codes to encode the location but since Germany is not a member of IHTSDO, the standard developing organization (SDO) of SNOMED, I only present the ValueSet without actually implementing it (A country can get a SNOMED CT licence when an national governmental agency is a member of IHTSDO).

6 Steps Posting the Resource

I created a ValueSet in Snapper, an open source tool to create CodeSystems and ValueSets.

  1. Get the base URL of the FHIR server we want to post the resource -
  2. Define the resource type and extend the base URL - ValueSet
  3. Open a new request in Postman and change the RESTful operation to POST
  4. Select body and copy the resource into the textfield below
  5. Push send
  6. If the post operation was successful the status of the operation will be 201 created

The final ValueSet

After the post operation postman will show you FHIR resource in the window below. Right there you find the id attribute of this ValueSet instance. You can use this id to retrieve the posted resource with a GET operation. This operation can be done using Postman or just a browser were you simply paste in the base URL, resource type and the id.

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