August 3, 2018

Join by rows

In a recent project I find myself often in the situation to deal with similar but not equal datasets. I am working with the German Hospital Registers for the years since 2005 and there is a dataset for each year. Some of them share the same information stored in columns and I had to combine them in … Read more

July 18, 2018

Import ordered SPSS factors into R

Recently I have to work with data stored in SPSS files, most variables stored as ordered factor variables. Since I work with R, I have to import them. On the one hand, fortunatly, there is the haven package, which makes importing SPSS files an easy taks. On the other hand, unfortunatly, ordered … Read more

January 1, 0001

In earlier posts I presented FHIR resources by uploading them to FHIR servers. This post will explain how the process of uploading a FHIR resource works with postman. In this context the correct terminology is post a resource rather than uploading since we are dealing with a RESTful API. In this … Read more

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